“Both our children were late starting swimming and had not found their self-confidence with other swimming instructors by the age of 9 and 11.   Indeed one instructor had traumatised them with his attitude.   However within the first couple of lessons with Christie swim school both were (finally) beginning to swim with confidence and enjoyment, and after a few weeks’ speedy improvement look forward to their lessons.   Mr & Mrs Levitt.”


I started swimming when I was around 10 years old and began competitive swimming not long after. Ever since then I have competed at all levels of the sport, culminating in representing my country at three Commonwealth Games. I love the sport and at 32 still love to compete, albeit now through the Master series. Through the Masters programme, run by Anthony, I’ve been able to maintain a high level of fitness and have even been achieving times close to my all time personal bests, which at 32 is really pleasing. Anthony’s approach to coaching is refreshing, as he focuses on your needs and adapts sessions to suit your requirements. In addition to this his approach has formed a like minded group of swimmers which is a pleasure to train with and be around.


Dane Harrop – Commonwealth Games Swimmer 1998 (Kuala Lumpar), 2002 (Manchester) and 2006 (Melbourne)



My son started lessons with the Christie Swim School when he was 5 and over the past 10 years I’ve watched him develop into an excellent swimmer who swims for his school team and with one of the clubs.  Tony, Barbara and all the other tutors have been friendly, supportive and very effective teachers and my son has enjoyed every lesson.  It says a lot that as a teenager he’s still keen to attend one of the advanced classes offered by the Swim School. He’s now learning to teach swimming and hopes to take a lifeguard course as well this summer.  He’s developed a real enthusiasm for the sport which I feel will last throughout his life. I would recommend the School to anyone, very young beginners like my son was 10 years ago, or those with more experience of swimming who want to improve and develop their swimming skills.

John Reed

I've swam competitively for over 20 years, first as a youth and now as a masters swimmer.
Having worked with many coaches I know the skills set that is needed to develop swimmers both as individuals and as a group.

Effective coaching requires a thorough knowledge and application of technique, biomechanics, and exercise, together with, and most importantly, strong interpersonal and motivational skills.

Coached by Anthony over the last 3 years I've been fortunate enough to set 4 British and 1 European Butterfly Records. These results bare testimony to the quality of the coaching I've recieved and enjoyed .

Steve Wall
British Record Holder 50M 100M 200M Butterfly
European Record Holder 100M Butterfly

I was a club swimmer in my youth, but gave up because of work commitments only returning following poor health issues in 1996. By 1998 (aged 45) I was competing successfully gaining 8 gold medals at the World Firefighter Games in SA. Another break from swimming ensued, returning to compete at World Firefighter games in Liverpool in 2008, however 1 gold 7 silver 2 bronze was not good enough!. At this point I started training under Anthony it was hard but I felt he knew exactly what I needed. Things progressed well and 2 years later I was ready. Daegu, South Korea August 2010(aged 57), what a success 8 gold 2 silver 1 bronze, but the icing on the cake was to swim faster times than I had in1998. I cannot thank Anthony enough for all his hard work and dedication, without him I would never have achieved my goals.

Colin Thompson. World Firefighters Champion

'I spent 10 years competing at National level, after which I took a 7 year break away from the sport. I had a desire to make a comeback at the age of 25 so rejoined City of Liverpool swimming club. I was very unfit but with Anthony's time, dedication and carefully tailored training sessions in the pool and the gym, I soon got fit enough to race again. After doing some local competitions I started winning at National level in masters events. In 2010 I competed in the World Masters Championships in Sweden, winning gold and silver medals in the backstroke events. This proved to be a very successful year for me, qualifying for the Commonwealth Games trials and breaking the masters British Record in the 50m backstroke. My achievements would not have been possible without Anthony's hard work and support - always encouraging me to perform at my very best.'
Katie Birchall. World Masters Champion and British Masters Record Holder.

Christie Swim School has given both my children the confidence to swim that I never achieved myself. The instructors are approachable and amazing. It’s a delight to watch all the children grow in confidence & ability each week.

Bev Sheef.

Thomas has just started his lessons at Christie Swim School and he looks forward to it every week. Tony quickly put him at his ease in the water and Thomas has responded positively to the informal but well thought out teaching style. As soon as my daughter is old enough I will be enrolling her for lessons too.

Mrs Hanway.

I’ve tried several swimming clubs without success. This is the first one my daughter has enjoyed & her progression has been fantastic I would recommend Christie Swim School to anyone.

Louise Mercer.

My two boys have been going to Christie Swim School lessons for 2 months now, I have noticed a big improvement already. They really enjoy the lessons, I am really pleased with their progress.

Stella Franks